Thursday, 14 January 2016

AquaGirl #Day6 #30DaysBlogChallenge

(This is a catch-up entry I should have been posting yesterday)

Day 6: What is your zodiac sign and does it fit you personally?\

Yes… I am proud to be an Aquarius. I am an AquaGirl (or an AquaWoman or AquaMom)
I read some description about Aquarius and I think Aquarius is amazing. 90% of the descriptions are most definitely me. They are right about Aquarius being a rebel and who will not conform to rules. They are right about me always try to be diplomatic. They are most deifinitely right about me going mental when I passed that tolerance point. So yeah… beware… 

(Note: This note is the hardest to write because I am in the middle of preparing administration work for my language center. So I apologize for the awful writing. )

Foodie Delight #Day5 #30DaysBlogChallenge

(This is a catch-up entry I should have been posting yesterday)

Day 5: What are your favourite comfort food and why?

This is truly a difficult question. I love food. I love eating. I love cooking it. I love the process of producing it and the moment of enjoying it. So it is really difficult for me to pinpoint one (or two, or 5 or 10 or 20 etc). Each food is related to memories and depending on what kind of mood I am at, the food I am craving or consider comforting will be different.
My mother’s Chocolate Coffee Fudge cake for example reminded me so much of home and our family hard work throughout the years. Reminded me about growing up in Poka. Poka holds a huge chunks of my life growing up. This was the time I was very active at church activities. The time when I started what will become my Language Center now. The time I learn about putting hard work and you shall reap the benefit. The time of friendship. The time of first boyfriend. The painful time of conflict. And many others.
Then there’s Banana Muffin. Through the years, I have made this my own. Twisted the recipe and gave my own signature. It has served many satisfied mouth of my loved ones and I cherished each and every one of them every time I stirred  the batter or tore a bite to eat.
What about Chocolate and Ice cream? Well, yes… I love them too… but when I am sad… I do not go running to it. I think Cheese Balls is my comfort snack. I remembered Chikki. It is the name of a favourite cheese balls snack from when I was growing up. It’s yellow wrapper with a smiley duck will bring a smile to me. Then of course it also have the chocolate flavor ones and of course the surprise toys you may find inside it.
SO… yeah… This is the one Entry I cannot really decide. I love them all… They are all comforting… 

Train and Train Track #Day4 #30DaysBlogChallenge

NOTE : Sorry, again I was late to post. 
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Day 4: Discuss your views on religion?

There was a slow emerging vision of Train, Train track and Train Control Master in my mind as I ponder upon the topic of religion in today’s blogging topic. Train is the God we human called by many name, the divine concept we believe d in. Train Track is the religion, the set of rules that govern our religious life towards the divinity we call God. Train Control Master is the one and only God, the controller of our lives, the universe and time. 

Religion for me is a track (imagine a train track) but it is a Divine track. It guides us on our way to learn about, to follow, to ‘find’ God. Some may say it is a road a way etc but for me it is a track. A track gives us clear limitation on what to and what not to do. Unlike roads, train track do not gives you an opportunity to sway left or right. You stay on your track or you will topple over. You may get off at any station of your life by your own decision (read: deciding not to practice what your Holy Book and Prophet prescribe), you may choose another train (read: God by other name, different from the one you are born with or the one you first believed) and you may also change your route (Read: join a different denomination, sect, practices, cult, group etc). In the end, it is a matter of whether your train and train tracks lead you to God.

Sadly, some extreme people devoted all their faith in the train and train track instead of seeing him as a greater divine being that control the whole universe. I saddened me when people of faith claim to be the most righteous, the truest truth and everyone else is wrong and deemed for hell. The only one who can judge that is God when the end of the world is here and (according to my believe, Christianity) Jesus will come for the second time as the King and judge and who ever believed in him shall not perished but have an everlasting life. God and God alone can make the judgment on how true and righteous you are and your religion. So instead of forcing your chosen religion down someone else’s throat, let’s race to do more kindness, do all the goodness that it prescribe. I am sure people will follow our religion upon seeing our good deeds, attitude and life. 

So, when it comes to religion. It is a private matter. It is a business between you and your Divine God. Practice it well! Make impact in a positive way! Live your relationship in an intimate manner with God and live in peace and harmony with all God’s creation.-

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